Thursday, February 21, 2008

part time job

Well its been slow at work recently and we haven't worked a full week in a while now. I had talked about looking for a part time job before but I've actually put out a few resumes. Today I was at Wal-Mart and have an interview on monday. No not as a greeter (I wish!) but I'm hoping it will be in the photography photo finishing dept. I'll take pretty much anything but I mentioned that because I kind of like doing that sort of stuff.

Another place I put a resume in was the local movie theater. They have been looking for a while now for part time help. I need to pay off the tv and then start saving for the trip to Ontario come July. I talked to the manager the other night and he said hed probably call this weekend.

Tomorrow is the 3rd or 4th friday off in a row and we only work half days wenesday and tuesday was a day off this week but I got called in for 6 hours. Next week they are calling for all half days. They also layed of 7 people with half of them probably not getting a call back. The owner and his brother both told me today not to worry because they have lots of work comming up its just builders take their holidays this time of year and the frost in the morning has slowed down concrete pouring so thats why it is slow.

On another note I went to poker tuesday night. I now know how this thing works. Every night you go you get points depending on when you get out. You also get extra points for knocking someone out and they keep a tally. In the future there is going to be a game where they take into concideration your points and will give you chips accordingly. That night you play for a spot on a big money game in Vancouver. The winner gets a seat and buy in to a championship game of poker that will be air'd on tv. My buddy came in second the other night and is in the top 10 if not the top 5 people with the most points. My buddy had the last guy beat on the flop and went all in. The other guy called with a small pair but got 2 running cards on the turn and the river to give him a straight.

Well thats all for now time to go study for my interview!

Here are a couple photos of the Luner Eclipse from the other night. I just caught the last part as it had said on the news it was too cloudy in B.C. but someone came in and told us that you could see it for a lot of the time as clouds were going past it quickly.


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