Thursday, February 07, 2008


Well yesterday was Patty's birthday but it wasn't such a good day. First Ben passed out at school in wood working class due to an asthma attack. They called an ambulance and Patty had to cancel work to go to the emergency for a few hours. She actually beat the ambulance so was a little stressed wondering where it was and how Ben was. The nurse told her that mothers beat the ambulance to the hospital a lot. Ben is home and doing good but has some new medicine with steroids to help him get better.

Then last night after we had just gotten into bed (after watching American Idol) Patty received a call from her sister. Last week Patty's dad had a heart attack and went to the hospital in Merrit. They then shipped him off to a bigger hospital in another town. Natalie told Patty that they had opened her fathers chest up to drain fluid from around the heart and found some cancer in his lungs and behind his heart. So Patty's dad has to go home and recuperate after the surgery before they will start radiation treatment for the cancer. I haven't met Patty's father yet but I hear he's one tough cookie. I hope he gets well soon and beats this bout of cancer. It sounded like he had cancer before from what Patty told me. If the weather wasn't so bad in the mountains which you have to drive through to get there we would probably be going this weekend.

Patty just came in from work and told me she called her dad today and he's doing fine. He was told it wasn't a heart attack after all it was the fluid from the cancer causing the disscomfort. They are doing some tests to see just where the cancer is.

Its a wee bit slow at work so we get a long weekend this week. They had one last week but I went in for fork lift training and to help the maintenance guy work on my machine. I lost about an hour last week.


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