Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Day!!!

Well I believe its the most snow the island has seen in 15 years but we get the privilege of living through it now. At the top of the island at Campbell River they have at least 2 feet and here in Duncan we have at least a foot of the white stuff. It came on a good day as Patty and Ben were setting up the Christmas tree while I napped. I had a good sleep all day Friday after work but now its screwed me up for the weekend. I've been awake since 1:30am this morning and its now going on 5:30.

Worst thing is I'm addicted to my soda pop Diet Coke and have none in the house. Was thinking of walking to the 7/11 which would be about a half hour walk each way but will wait for a bit more day light. Later I will have to borrow a shovel and dig the car out.

Ben and Patty doing the tree.

Ben warming up by the fire while we listen to Christmas tunes.

Jack waiting till the tree was done so he could inspect it.

Ben decided to play in the snow after the tree was finished

Ben's snow angel


My tree after I decorated it

The finished tree

Jack getting a cat nap in after all his hard work


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