Monday, November 12, 2007

Double post

I like blogger better than facebook but blogger still gives me a hard time now and then. There was a whole other paragraph with my last post about the salmon fighting each other. Plus more about the Natives being allowed to fish there while no one else can but I can't remember all of what I typed. Apoparently it went south cause when I posted the blog it wasn't there but I know it was there before I posted it.

Patty and I don't go out much in the evenings on weekends. We do stuff durring the day but hang out around the house together in the evenings. This past friday we decided to go out. A friend of mine, Glenn Olsen is in a band and they were playing in Duncan. They are called Sadly Available. We got there a bit early and Glenn had set up his drums already so he came over and sat with us and chatted for a while. They are actually pretty good and they play mostly their songs with a few covers thrown in. A few Tragically Hip along with a few others. Durring the second set Glenns wife came in and sat with us. Patty and her hit it off pretty good and we ended up closing the bar. It was fun to be out like that we'll have to do it again soon.

Becomming a West Coastner !!

A friend of Ben's stayed over a couple nights and when his mom came to pick him up Saturday afternoon she oppened up her trunk and asked if we would like some Prawns or crabs. She had a huge bucket full. Both Ben and Patty like Prawns so we got a pail and she loaded us up. Now I had never seen Prawns like this I've only seen them cooked and peeled. These things were still alive. Ben was too excited about ripping the heads off these things so we checked with Aunt Claire to see how to do this. Apparently you grab the head and body squeeze tight with your fingers and twist and pull. It took me a bit after watching Ben but I finaly decided to try it. Mine was still squirming a bit which I didn't like too much but then I don't think he liked it too much either. I did get through it and then Patty gave it a shot. Hers jumped and it scared her so much I thought she was going to pee herself. The look on her face was funny wish I had been prepared with the camera. Ben kept picking around the big guys abd Patty and I helped with the small guys but Ben did most of it on his own. Then Ben grabbed the big one and let it rip. He was pretty happy after it was done. We then washed them off and boiled then in a pot. Then we peeled and cleaned them again and then put them in a bowl and poured garlic butter on them. I only had a couple but they werent too bad. Not as bad as the time Rob and Mike had some Jumbo Shrimp in the fridge and Rob talked me into trying one. Cold and like rubber so after a couple chews it went in the garbage. I might have to try crab one day but I'll never ever try Calimari again!!!

There was one thing in the bucket that no one was sure of what it was. I took a couple of pictures of it so if you know please let us know.


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I like blogger better than facebook too.



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