Sunday, October 28, 2007

End of season whale watch.

First off I want to tell Mike I showed my wife his comment and she gave me permission to laugh. She promised she wouldn't be mad at me. She might remember it when she meets him next summer tho! Secondly if this is how it feels to have my balls in her purse this past year has been the best year of my life so she can keep them there. I like things just the way they are.

Football is over for me this year other than the banquet. That will be this Tuesday. I'm still leaving the team after the season to go do the BCFC web site. I just read that the Hamilton Hurricanes are starting up again next year along with the Junior Argos. Doesn't mean much for us till the intergold game or Canadian Championship game but Ontario needs another team or two. The Montreal team has dominated the last few years. I'm waiting to squeeze a couple tickets to a Canuck game out of Hadi the owner of our team.

This weekend is the last weekend Captain Ron will be doing whale watching tours for the season. The resident Orcas are starting to get too far away and its a lot colder out on the open ocean so not many tourist want to go. Ron starts working in March on his boat and goes 7 days a week till the season ends. This winter he wants to work on his web site so I sent him a slide show and some pictures he can use.

When I phoned him yesterday morning he told me that no Orcas were in the area but that a couple Humpbacks were not too far away. I'd never seen one so I thought I'd go out for the heck of it. He said so far it looked like just he and I so he was going to drop some crab traps on the way out. By the time I got there a family of 4 had showed up to go out.

We still dropped the traps on the way out and then we went over to Race Rocks for a look at some Seals. These were California Seals and some other type that are a lot bigger than the Harbour Seals. There is also an old light house one of the last ones still using a person living there. Now this old light house was built in England then dismantled and put on a couple ships to be sent here to B.C. The rocks were all numbered like a puzzle to help in putting it together. Not far from where the light house stands one of the ships sunk so the light house is built with two different types of stone.

Next we were off to look for the whales. It took a while till we found one but wow! This thing was huge. We only ended up finding the one today but we followed him around a while. Its kind of difficult cause they zig zag all over the place while feeding. They normally show their huge tail when the dive for food but this one wasn't co operating. Twice we managed to guess right and get in his path so he was coming right at the boat which wood have been the perfect spot to take a picture of his tail but he never showed it. It was too dark but we tried to hang over the edge of the boat to see if we could see him when he went under us. The one woman was pretty nervous about him tipping us. I was hoping he would at least bump us. Ron said a few years back he did have one bump the boat with its tail. He said they had shut off the boat and this thing just kept swimming around them checking they out. It came over bumped the boat and then disappeared.

That's the thing with whale watching its hit and miss. Two days before there were three Humpbacks and they breached a couple times. the day before there were 4 or 5 and they were showing their tails all over the place. The day I chose there was one and he was acting shy. Oh well just being out on the ocean and getting a chance to see a wild animal like this in its natural surroundings was amazing. Now I was hoping for the great photo op that never happened but there is always next season!!

When we pulled the crab traps there were lots of crabs but none the legal limit to keep which is too bad cause they were meant for me to take home tp Patty and Ben ( I won't eat them)


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