Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well its game day today and online is the Cullen Cup or B.C. JR football Championship. Winner gets to go to Quebec and try and beat the St. Leonard Cougars. There was a time when I would have been going to the game in Quebec but I don't think it will happen this year. Things have changed so much in the organization and the chain of command changes weekly and still no one knows jack about anything. I haven't informed the team yet but as soon as the season is done so am I. I'm going to be taking a step up and going to the BCFC to do their web site. Hopefully I can keep it up to date like I have the Raiders site. I've let it slip the last couple weeks cause I don't want to quit in the middle of the season but I just want it to end. I'll still be a Raiders fan only I won't be able to cheer from the sidelines anymore cause I'll be representing the BCFC. I'll probably go to more games where they are not playing than ones they are. I'd like to see them every game but I'm taking photos at the games and have to try and be fair to all teams.

I spend many hours on my computer updating the web site, going through pictures and looking for stuff to do on the web site. I email photos to some parents. I even get the odd fan mail I have to answer. Patty has started calling my football my porn. So now when I head to the computer I tell her I'm going to go check my porn she just laughs and says ok have fun. Yesterday I was on here for hours because I was going through every picture I took looking for good ones to blow up and get signed. Plus I put some pictures on some Cd's for a couple players I've gotten to know over the past 3 years. I talk to their parents or aunts and uncles at every game. If they show up at a road game they always find me to say hello. It's gotten to the point where I do this for them more than anyone else. I met the father and a brother of a player last game. The boy is mentally handicapped and the father had emailed me asking if there was any chance I could get his sons head shot on the web site because he joined us late and had not had one taken. He told me the other son goes online everyday to look for his brother. So I had a head shot taken and also sent him 5 good shots I had of him. The father looked me up and thanked me because he said it meant a lot to the younger brother.

Patty and I joked about just how much porn a guy can handle in one day. I told her football seasons almost over and then she'll have my undivided attention till about Christmas then I have to get back into it because I'm changing the BCFC site around to suit me. Well that it for now gotta get back into my porn then go to the store and get the porn I printed out and then go watch some live porn. It's a tough life out here LOL.

We did get out of the house for a couple hours for a walk. We went down by the river where we went on our first date (a year ago) then popped back home and then took a drive towards Cow Bay and took another walk. It was a nice day for a walk but gotta say I miss the fall colours of Muskoka. Had my camera but it was mostly green and yellow. Will try and post some pictures if I get time after all my Sunday porn.


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