Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ben's Birthday!

Tomorrow is Ben's birthday but because of school and work schedules we did a bit for him today. Patty and I bought Ben a scooter that he really wanted a week ago and we told him that was his gift. It wasn't a cheap scooter that's for sure and he seems to like it. Today we took him to Tim's for lunch today then to The Dairy Queen to pick out a cake. Patty picked up some chips and he had four girls come over for cake and to hang out. One of them is Tamara his new/old girlfriend from last year. After cake Ben sent us upstairs so they didn't have the old folks hanging around. Patty and I put on Shrek Two and lay ed on the bed watching it.

After the girls were gone Ben came upstairs and watched the end of the movie with us. Then he said instead of us going to a movie tonight he wanted to go to the go carts instead. I wasn't looking forward to that cause I heard they sucked but decided to go on there with him anyways. He was first out and for the first three laps I was right on his tail but he did very well cutting the corners to keep me from passing. He never looks over his shoulder or I might have scared him into giving me room because he said if we bumped wed get kicked off so I never let it happen. Then I decided I would try to make a move to the outside but spun out a bit and he was off to a huge lead. I started messing around hitting the breaks hard at corners coming close spinning out and let Ben come up behind me. Thought I'd have fun keeping him behind me but it didn't work. He bumped me going into a corner and passed me while I tried to keep control then I rammed him from behind pushing him further out in front of me. He may have beaten me but I got the last laugh as he is now grounded for a week. Can't even call his gf! HA!!!! Who's laughing now.... OK Patty wouldn't let me ground him over that but I'm watching him and first chance I get hes sooooo grounded! I really didn't want to go but I will admit it was fun. They just need to make carts that candle handle the weight of some one like me. If he had an extra hundred pounds it would have been a different race! We came home, I cooked hotdogs on the bbq and we finished off the cake.


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