Monday, September 03, 2007

Whale watching again!

On Sept 1st I was going to a football game in Victoria and I started a tradition that I'd like to keep up. I go down to Vic earlier in the day and go whale watching. Patty is not into whale watching like I am and she's definitely not into football LOL. So I made the trip on my own and met up with CAPT Ron who guaranteed whales today. The weather was pretty good, a little cool but fairly sunny. The water was calm which made for a good boar ride. Any day on the ocean seeing Orcas is a good day but this wasn't one of the better days for whales. The whales stayed too close to shore so we were not allowed to get too close to them. The big male by himself in the picture swam further out from the shore and his family but just swam right on by
us. There were also a lot of fishing boats in the area because apparently the Americans can only fish certain days and this was one of them. They know that this is a good area for salmon because that's what the Orcas eat and they are always around this area. About the only excitement was 2 whales in between five or six boats had something trapped between them and they were splashing around at the top of the water for about 10 minutes. We couldn't get close enough to see exactly what but after a long debate over the radio where some thought it was a harbour porpoise, one person got a good shot with a digital camera and when they looked at it they could tell it was a King Salmon. The whales dove below the water with it for about 5 minutes then came up separately and swam away. Here are some pictures of that day. I hope to go out at least one more time in October and maybe if I get hold of Maisan's cousin Patty and I can go out one time sooner.