Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Holiday Monday

Well last monday was a holiday but Patty had to work so I spent some time with Ben. We started off by hitting Tim Hortons for an ice cap and a doughnut except I had diet coke and a toasted bagel. Then we went to the driveing range where we shared a bucket of balls then I got him one on his own as my arms got tired LOL. He really seemed to enjoy it and hit a few good shots.

Next we went for a walk at the Somenos Marsh but the trail was pretty over grown and there wasn't much to see. Ben enjoyed picking and eating the Berries along the way. When we got back to the car I decided since the area was vacant I would let Ben drive my car around a bit. I did this once before and he really enjoyed it and wasn't too bad. I made him stop and do a three point turn and to practise backing up a bit but mostly we drove up and down between the two lots. We then drove down the hwy a short distance to another part of the Somenos Marsh where we had to climb a ladder over a fence and the followed a trail down to a small dock on the big pond or small lake. Here I hit the jackpot and started taking pictures like crazy. I know some of you don't like bug photos but Patty loves Dragon Flies and I love Patty and I don't mind taking the odd photo (320 that day). There were also a few other subjects to take pictures of and I don't mean Ben.