Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hello hello

Well it's been a while since I posted so I thought I should try and write something. As I start this I have no idea where I'm going with it or what I will talk about. About the only thing going on recently has been football. Not the Ti cats because again they are going to be bottom dwellers but I'm talking about the V.I. Raiders. There have been 2 games against 2 of the top teams in the conference and we have beaten both of them and not really close games but exciting. The last game I took Ben too and it rained the whole game. I had told Ben the only way he could be on the field with me is if he was a ball boy. So I checked with the officials for the game and they appreciated that they didn't have to look for one. The first game was a nice sunny day so I had told Ben how easy it was. But with the rain of course they needed the ball dried off as fast as possible and replaced every down or two. By the end of the first half I thought Ben was going to quit but he had a rest and got back to it in the second half. I was truly proud of him cause there was very little whining on his part. On my part I was whining a lot because by the second half the rain jacket was soaked through and it was so tough to keep the camera dry. I thought for sure I wouldn't have any good shots but I sent much less of them to the trash bin than the week before.

Sabine from Austria called Friday evening saying she would be landing in Victoria Sunday (today) and would stay there two nights before coming here. She will spend almost a week here before going to Vancouver then flying back to Ontario. Sounds like she is having a good time but has had some downfalls with old friends not meeting up with her like they said they would when she got here. If the weather is nice we will probably go whale watching next Sunday as the Raiders are playing Victoria Saturday.

Patty's son Adam was here for a few days as he has moved back to the island but he and a friend are going to be getting a place in Victoria. He was a lot more sociable this time around compared to when I first met him before Patty and I got married. When I go pick up Sabine in Victoria I will be dropping off a computer and cell phone for him.

Work is going well but I won't be getting that designer position upstairs this time around. Some guy with 25 years of experience showed up a week ago looking for a job. The owner told me to keep learning the program because he likes to promote from with in and that if I make room on my computer he will get me the program to mess around with at home. The program is free but I have to go through Vic Truss to activate it and it will work for a few months then need to be reactivated. A lot better than going into work a couple hours a week for free.

In two weeks I'll be going to meet my mother in-law at last. My sister in-law has told her lots of good things about me and how good I am to Patty so apparently she loves me already. I've talked to her on the phone a few times and she is very nice to talk to. I believe she is from the east coast like Jean as she is Acadian but seems to have more of a french accent than Jean. I look forward to Finally meeting her. Also I've told Albert I will kick his ass in tennis as he has taken up the game recently and thinks hes pretty good. He talks pretty good smack as he calls me the old man now. I haven't played since Michelle and I went out last summer to smack some balls around but it was just for fun so I didn't get to see how good I still was. I feel pretty old most days but not going to let Al know that.

Going to see where my lovely wife Patty lived and meet some of her friends and more than likely go to the the Kamloops wild life park (zoo) that I have stopped in twice while driving across country. After the ferry I think its about a six hour drive but I'm looking forward to it.

Lastly today we went to a Pow Wow here in Duncan. I had heard about it from a nice native gentleman at work and since it was raining today thought it would be nice to stop and check out (since it was in doors) It was pretty neat seeing all the costumes they wore and we were there for a drum contest and for the kids dance contest. We were only there for about an hour and I took some pictures after asking an older native gentleman if was OK. Apparently the first couple pictures I took were during a native prayer and its not allowed. He told me when you hear a whistle its going to be a prayer so no photos but other than that it's OK. We were the only white people in the place but Ben was invited up to dance anyways. He declined because he dances like a white person and wouldn't have fit in.