Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jodi and Maisan in B.C. part two

I had planned out a few things to do on the days Jodi and Maisan would be with us but most of them depended on the weather and then how much time we took at each thing. Now when I'm going places I like to get up early get ready and go. Patty is pretty good at that too, but Maisan and Jodi now that's a different thing LOL. I would wait as long as I could bare too then I would pound on their door and tell them to get up. Jodi is very quick but Maisan takes for ever to get ready. If Maisan is doing his hair it could be up to an hour and a half. Times like that I'm not sure why Jodi is with such a pretty boy !!

Maisan finally ready and everyone in the car waiting we set off to Coombs Market to do some browsing at the little shops and maybe see a goat or two on the roof of the market. Funny thing is we did a lot of browsing, very little shopping and hardly any photos at all. I never even took one of the goats on the roof to share here. They have a lot of funny little novelty items and some nice souvenirs and too many people wandering around.

When we were finished there we headed up the road to a place called Butterfly World. The only problem was that by the time Maisan got us going and all the browsing he did we were too late to waste money for a 15 minute look around. Jodi was so disappointed because she wanted to see the Caterpillar house soooo bad. Actually Maisan and I probably would have filled our cameras up with hundreds of butterfly pictures then I would have bored you with 15 or twenty of them here.

Next we headed up the road to Cathedrol Grove where the huge trees of the island are. On the way we stopped at a little rest area which I had passed so many times but never stopped at. It was a very cute place and one that I would like to take Patty back too and have a picnic. Maisan was teaching us to skip stones and we all took turns trying to pick each other up and Jodi even tried to push my wife into the water. Now if she had done that Maisan would have had to gone in right after her. But cooler heads prevailed and no body got wet although everyone wanted to see Ben swim but not with my camera around his neck.

We left here and headed further up the road to Cathedrol Grove. We took one of the trails around and looked at all the big trees then Jodi found a slug and we spent a lot of time looking and taking pictures of it. I'm surprised that Jodi didn't mind picking it up and moving it for us. It's a real slimy little creature but she had no problem at all. We found a few more along the way that were less co-operative for photos but had fun any ways. Funny how I don't have any real pictures of the big trees that we went to see.

By the time we left there it was getting late and we were very hungry so we drove back to Nanaimo where we caught a little ferry that shuttled us over to Protection Island and a little place called the Dinghy Dock Pub. Its sits right on the water and you can feel it rock ever so slightly. It's a nice atmosphere and has a separate room for families which suited us because the entertainment was not that good. They eventually shut off the speakers in the room where we were sitting. I thing the waitress was sick of them too. We all enjoyed a very nice meal at the end of a long day and sat and waited for the ferry to come take us back to the Big island. We were all pretty tired by the time we got home and we had a big day planned for Sunday. I'll leave that for another post.