Saturday, May 26, 2007

New addition .... maybe ?

Well Patty and I went out for a drive today looking at some houses that are for sale. Just window shopping for now. Then I took my wife to Salty's for some fish and chips. Thought we might run into Paul and aunt Gladys because they are regular visitors to Salty's on Saturdays but we were probably too early. After lunch I sudgested we take a drive to the SPCA to see if they had any kittens available yet. They said they didn't have any for adoption yet because they are too young but if we fill out the form and are approved then we will get a call for first look. After chatting for about 15 minutes and mentioning I worked at an SPCA in Ontario she told us they had 1 kitten about 5-6 weeks old that was found on a road and brought in. It has a cold and is on meds but they were looking for someone to foster it for a week. She took us downstairs and pulled out this tiny cute little kitten and Patty said you know it's not going to come back in a week and she said I figured but you never know if it doesn't fit in bring it back and check out other ones. So I filled out the form, got some meds for it and a carrier with food and off we went. Patty has gone through 3 names already but right now she is sticking to Jack. Patty is in love with it already as you will see from the pictures and it kind of likes her too. Hmmm I think I will have to be fighting for some attention for myself now we have this cat. Ben is gone for the day and won't find out till this evening when he gets home. Well her are a few pictures of JACK !!!