Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Job and stuff

As of Tuesday I start a new job. I've been looking since December for a job closer to Duncan and last week I found out that a local Truss plant was bought by someone from Atlas Truss where I work. I talked to Craig the Manager and he said put in my resume with his name on it and see what happens. I got a call monday and start next tuesday. I went in today to fill out some forms and have a look see. Same as Atlas but cleaner looking. Only 2 shifts there so I'll be on afternoons. 2 - 11 monday to thursday and then 2 - 6 Friday for a good weekend. It pays to know ppl because by the sounds of it they were not ready to hire anyone but Louie the guy that bought Vic Truss told them to hire me and he takes over as of Tuesday so thats why I don't start on Monday.

I've decided to make a list of concerts I have seen over the years. I'm going to try and seperate country from rock but nut in any particular order. When I was thinking about this at work they came a lot easier to me than they are now. I wasn't going to post this list because I'm sure I'm missing lots but maybe some of you might be able to help me as I'm getting old and more forgetfull


Paul McCartney (twice best memmory)
Aerosmith ( One of the best concerts ever)
Metalica (lolapolooza)
The Ramones
Kim Mitchell ( few times)
The Beach Boys
Nickle Back
Alanah Myles
Sass Jorden
The Commitments
Biff Naked
Burton Cummings
Blues Brothers
Bowser (from sha na na)
Barney Bentall and the legendary hearts (plus a solo acoustic concert)
April Wine
Wierd Al Yankovic ( How could I forget this one ??)


Kenny Rogers (twice)
Valdy (many times)
Blue Rodeo (many times)
George Jones
Merle Haggard
Waylon Jennings
Serena Postel
Juice Newton
Patty Lovelace
Oak Ridge Boys
John Conlee
The Tennessee Three
Alan Jackson
Paul Brandt
Phil Vasser
Mindy McCready
Sawyer Brown