Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wooo Hooo here comes company !!!!

Well last night I had a suprprise phone call from Ontario. Thought maybe the baby was in a rush to get out of Kris' tummy or maybe something else had happen somewhere in the family. It was Jodi calling to tell me that her and Maison are going to come for a visit. The flights are real cheap so she jumped on it. Maison has family in Victoria so they will split their time between us. I'm so happy that Jodi is comming out here for a visit. Besides her Marg and Bill have been the only ones I've seen out here. Not to mention dad and Jean but then I met them in Seattle but that was just as good.

Well anyways I'm excited they are going to be here in June and can't wait ... but guess I'll have too. Jodi emailed me after they booked their flights. See you guys soon !!!!!