Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things to do list

You know how ppl make up those to do lists. I've never done one but if I was to do one I just crossed off a huge one. Now you probably won't read this in the paper or see my picture but this honestly just happened about an hour ago...

Some one banged on our door asking if we had a fire extinguisher because they had a fire going in their house which is 2 doors down from us. I said no but that they should call 911 if there were actually flames. There were about 3 other ppl outside and they said if I were you I'd get out of your place in case it spreads. When I looked out I could see a bit of smoke so I told Patty and Albert to get dressed warm and to get out side because of a fire next door. I went back in the house and grabbed my Beatles sweat shirt and put on my shoes and went outside. Other ppl were going door to door telling ppl. I asked one person if anyone was in the house and they said yes they were trying to put it out. So I went over to the place and there was a woman in the hall frantically trying to pull 2 buckets apart to get water. I grabbed them and ended up breaking one pulling them apart then ran to the stairs where I saw a guy through some pretty thick smoke. He was coming out of the bathroom I think with some small container with water. As I went to hand him the bucket I noticed there were pretty big flames in the bedroom and I told him you have to get the hell out of here. The woman ran by me and I told her forget about it just get the hell out. Next thing I see is she has a hamster cage so I grabbed it from her and told her to follow me out. I put the hamster cage on the porch and went back in. I went to the top of the stairs and started to pull the guy down the stairs. He was bent over coughing and maybe puking. The woman came up and I pushed her back and said GET OUT !! I reached the guys arm again and pulled him onto the stairs and then down to the living room. He was coughing pretty bad and kept bending down like he was going to be sick. I grabbed his arm put an arm around him stood him up and lead him outside. I took him to the far side of the parking lot where I made him sit down. 2 other guys had gone into the house to grab stuff and I told them the fire truck was there and they should get out. It was actually just the fire chief and the guys grabbed a garden hose and went inside to help the chief. I walked over to Patty and Albert to see if everything was ok. Albert had grabbed all his stuff and loaded his care ready for the escape if needed. Patty had grabbed her jewelry and laptop. That's when I noticed I had grabbed nothing. Not my camera, not my pictures or even the cd's. At the moment they were not important. Right about that time I got a phone call and wandered away. The 2 guys that had gone in at the end came over and shook my hand and thanked me after it was all over.

Its funny because although it didn't get out of hand there were some pretty good flames coming from the bedroom I never thought about it at the time. I knew when I hit the top of the stairs there was no way I was going to stay up there because there was too much smoke so the best thing to do was try to get the others out and leave it for the professionals. I was a little surprised at how long it took for the fire truck to show up and how slow they seemed to move but I guess they are trained not to panic. I just found out that they are all volunteers.

As far as I know the guy I helped out passed out on the bed while smoking. They had all been drinking. He has wandered off and no one is sure where he wet for the moment.

Albert told me that I just replaced Ricky Martin as his new hero LOL

I might just have to start a to do list and put Pull someone from a burning house just so I can cross it off.

Well time for work.