Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a little about nothing

Well the weekends over and we didn't do much. I've had a cold in my chest and throat for a bit and now its moved up into my head and sinuses. My car still isn't running and I havn't felt like working on it. We did go to the SPCA to look for a cat for my wife. She wants a kitten so we will have to wait till the end of March. I'm building a cage as I will finaly be getting the ferret that I've wanted for a very long time. I have most of the wood cut to size just need some plywood and the chicken wire which I've priced out. Ben is going to help me build it.

Hailey should be going home in a few days. Social services had a meeting with her mom today and want to talk to Hailey after school tomorrow. Patty says it looks like she'll be going back to her moms. Its been nice having a young lady around instead of just the 2 smelly boys living in the basement. Albert is going job hunting tomorrow so looks like hes staying. He has a job in Merrit just no place to stay. I like having him here although he likes to take over the TV every chance he gets. It might change next month when I take the digital box back. He does have his own TV in the basement. Its ok but I'm not paying 20 bucks a month for the rental and basic digital channels. The movie channels are not bad but they are not cheap either. I'm happy with the basic cable with TSN, CMT, and survivor LOL

I decided earlier today that I was going to take the comments off my blog. There are a few ppl that leave comments but for the most part ppl just like to read it and say nothing. I noticed on Mikes blog tonight he mentioned about no one leaving a comment. After you spend the time writeing a post its nice if people acknowledge it and say a couple words. I try to do a couple posts a week but some times there is just nothing going on. I don't like to cut and paste although I don't mind some of them I see on other blogs. Besides I have a tracker and know when ppl have been on my blog. I might slow down and eventually stop posting on here but will keep my photo blog and football blog going. Plus football is getting ready to go again as they are practising sunday nights and in about 8 weeks is rookie camp followed by spring camp 2 weeks later. I still do the Lacrosse web site which will be starting camp soon as well.

Last but not least I will be going to the post office in the morning. I have a cd that I owe Tara and I added a short video that Terry sent me taken at Dad's last birthday party. I have put it on a cd for Terry and Annette as well. I'm waiting to hear if Hadi has a pair of Canucks tickets for me....crossing my fingers !!!

Take care all and feel free to email me...


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