Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just when I thought I had nothing...

Well yesterday after I posted and was feeling good about my brakes being fixxed and working steady wouldn't you know it. Something bad had to come my way. When I went out to leave for work my car wouldn't start so I got a boost. I was driving down the road when I noticed my signals were not working. I had to stop at the lights and then nothing....the car died. A guy in a pickup heading the opposite way asked if I needed a hand and I said yes so he parked his truck and we pushed the car into a parking lot. I tried boosting it another couple times and it would start but die soon after. So I walked home and called into work to tell them I probably wouldn't be in. Apparentl half of the shift hadn't shown up either. So today I have to go and try to get it going. I'm not positive but it might be the alternator. I'm going to take the battery out of Patty's car and put it in mine to get it home.

Today I saw Maison online for a couple minutes and asked him for some photoshop help. This is the result.

Thanks Maison although I had to finaly get it working on my own but thats a good thing LOL. Maison got me well on my way then I had to work at it which makes it more worth the feeling of accomplishing something.


At Saturday, February 10, 2007 12:30:00 PM, Anonymous tee... said...

nice pic! it turned out well! i hope everything goes well with your car though!! tell Patty happy belated birthday!
love ya,
love Tara.

At Sunday, February 11, 2007 3:57:00 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Sure sounds like an alternator. You might want to get your battery checked after to make sure its holding a good charge too.
Good luck kev

At Sunday, February 11, 2007 9:10:00 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Keven...take it in to a shop and get THEM to check it. The battery is the end result of 1.bad voltage reg. 2.bad battery.3.bad alternator.or ir could be something a simple as a bad ground or loose alt. belt.Watch them when they check it. I have found if it is something simple they fix the more expensive one THEN fix the simple one. Good luck


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