Monday, April 16, 2007

DN Part two

After dinner at Denny's Patty and I went looking for this little coffee house we had seen earlier that week on Shaw cable channel. They have live music and there were 2 young woman who had met on My Space that were going to be playing. The place was a little creepy in a Twilight Zone way as it was a old Hippy hang out. Patty and I were not sure we were going to stay but decided to have our desert there and check it out. When the singers arrived there were probably only about 7 ppl in the place. The one singer that we had heard sing a bit on Shaw came over and said hello. We chatted for a bit and she was very nice. She thanked us for comming out. By the time the show started there were probably 25 ppl in the place. They all seemed to know each other and we felt a bit out of place without our beads sunglasses and buck skin jackets LOL.

The first singer was Serena Postel from Winnipeg. The one that had came over to us before the show. She put on a fantastic show. She has an incredible voice that kinda reminds you of Jewel but Raspier. She gets so into her music when she sings that it looks like she is going to cry. She did a bunch of originals, one cover that Patty said was better than the original ( I had heard it but don't know the name) and then she finished off with a Gower family favourite "Oh Lord Won't You Buy Me" asking every one to join in. It was funny because right before that I had said shes like Jewel and Janis Joplin in one. We ended up buyying her cd which is very good but seeing her in person she puts way more emotion and power into her songs. I think they toned her down a bit in the studio.

Here is her My Space site
  • Serena Postel click here

  • If you check this site out listen to Bourbon which is live in the studio. Its still toned way down from Live but its good.

    Sabrina Kufner, the second singer is a local woman from Victoria who is very good as well. They both have simular sounding voices live. I was surprised they didn't do a duet. They are travelling around the island till this weekend when Serena has to be back in Winnipeg.

    Here is her site although I was just checking it out and it doesn't seem to do her justice you may still like it.
  • Sabrina Kufner

  • I probably should mention about the older hippy surfer type dude that ran the place. He had shoulder length grey hair, a green Hawian shirt on with a green kilt, black socks and plastic beach sandals. Looks like hes been there a while and enjoys the slow life.

    Serena Postel

    Kind of like a "Friends" place but no couches and cushy chairs

    Sabrina Kufner