Sunday, April 15, 2007

Date night part 1

Well Patty and I are trying to take some time every weekend to just have some us time. It's not really a pre-planned date night but we decide on stuff to do with just the 2 of us and then we do it. Saturday was one of those times. We had seen an article on the Titanic and it said there was an exhibition at the Royal Museum in Victoria. I looked it up online and noticed that it opened up yesterday on the 95th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. They also had a Imax film opening up the same day. So Patty and I jumped in the car and off we went to Victoria just the two of us to spend the day together. The hardest part of the trip was finding a parking spot but we eventually found one within walking distance of the museum. The museum was pretty busy and the earlier Imax showings were all sell outs so we got tickets for the 4:00pm show. We had to go check my back pack as it wasn't allowed in the place but was told that photos were allowed except for in the aboriginal area. While walking around taking photos I had one person come up and tell me that they were told no pictures or your camera will be confiscated. I thought they meant flash photos because the place was so dark that a normal camera wouldn't get a good shot in the darkness. Even with my camera turned up as fast as it could go I was sure the pictures would all turn out blurry. It wasn't till after we had got out of the Titanic exhibit I noticed a sign saying no photos allowed.

Now as you walk into the exhibit you are handed a boarding pass with info on it about a passenger that was on the Titanic. I got a Mr. Emil Brandeis who was a 48yr old from Omaha Nebraska traveling alone in first class. Patty got 36 yr old Mrs Henry B. Harris (Irene Wallach) from NY who was traveling first class with her husband. It also gives you some background on the reason they were in Europe and why they would be on the Titanic. After wandering around and looking at all the exhibits and reading all the info about the ship and the passengers you come into the final room where they have a list of all the passengers by class and if they survived or not. It appears that Mr Brandeis was not as lucky as Mrs. Harris as he did not survive the sinking and Mrs. Harris came out of this with just a broken arm.

Tool handles and sharpening stone

nuts bolts fasteners and a huge wrench

wrench nuts and bolts

Inspection lamp

Wallet and Toronto trolly tickets

baggage ticket and pen and pencil

Old leather trunk

Same leather trunk

First class room

First class room

Third class room

Pendulum lamp

First class sink and toothpaste jar

Cherub at the bottom of the forward grand staircase

Razor blade and toiletry jar

Soap dish toothbrush and medicine bottle

Chamber pot and fixtures

ventilating port hole

Creamer sugar bowl spoons and other ceramic items

Table ware

Brush and mirror handle

Old work boot

Bowls as they were found on the ocean floor

Port hole window

Main doors from first class. This room was so dark you couldn't see the people behind the doors

Hat and slippers

Vest Tie and pants belonging to William Henry Allen

Playing cards tool handles old envelope postmarked Dec 10, 1912