Saturday, March 31, 2007

I gots a boo boo

If you don't like blood and gore I would sudgest you don't look at the following pictures.

On weekends I've been helping a guy strip his siding and replace it with a cement board. Then we are going to border it all with 1x6 boards to cover the seams. Last weekend he told me he was going to get scafolding to work on the face and one upper side. I thought I'd go in friday and strip off what I could so we can get more done saturday and sunday. After about an hour of working up a sweat I was prying on a board with a big crow bar and I was thinking if that board comes off now its going to hit me in the face.....wham off it comes. I thought I would duck under it and let it fly over my face but that didn't work out like I planned. the board glanced off my face and slide down over my ear as I turned my head. The board came to a rest on my shoulder and I climbed down and put the board in the pile. I went back up the ladder but thought I felt blood on my left side. I touched my ear and when I looked at my fingers they were covered in blood. I went inside the place and looked in the mirror and thought I better get medical attention. So I went back outside put all the tools away and went to the main house to call Patty. Wendy took me in the bathroom and put peroxide on it. Patty came over and picked me up and we had to go home to get my wallet. I told Patty she might as well stay home because I'd be a few hours. When I talked to the news in emergency I told her if she didn't think I needed stitches I'd just go home and clean it out but she said I better stay. 2 and a half hours and 7 stitches later I was on my way home.

I know it was a long story wth too many details but I thought I'd give ppl a chance to get out without seeing the pictures. Well get ready cause here they come. And if your a sick puppy you can click on the pictures to get a closer look.