Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter !!!

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. The weather has improved greatly here. Was working yesterday at the place where I tried to cut my ear off. Working on the roof and the temp was about 18. I think its going to be at least that today then back to some rain on Sunday. Sunday is a stay at home day anyways. Raiders football is gearing up as we have Rookie Camp in a week and then 2 weeks later is spring camp. After that there are regular practices with the players that made the team. We have lost a few good players but some will be comming back and the coaches have crossed the country recruiting new players. I might be taking a course in Sports tapeing to become an assistant to the trainer. We just have to find one that is specific to our needs.

Last night Patty and I had a date night. We took off to Nanaimo for a movie. We saw Wild Hogs which was a pretty good movie. There were a few good laughs throughout. I am so glad I met amarried this beautifull woman. I fall in love with her more and more each day. We both wake up with lots of aches and pains and joke about falling apart together. Soon we will be going to Merrit where I can meet the rest of her family.

I just want to touch on the subject of commenting because I've noticed a few comments on other blogs about me removeing it from my blog. I especialy like the ones from Anonymous bloggers.
I'm starting to enjoy blogging again but was getting a bit addicted to the comments. I would be on my computer every chance I had to see if I had any comments. It was very controlling like an addiction. I couldn't walk past the computer without checking. Now I enjoy it so much better because I don't feel the need to do that. I spend more time with my wife less time on the computer. Of course thats going to change again because with football season comming I'll have lots of updateing to do.

Happy Easter everyone !!!