Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just stuff

Well it's been almost a week since I last posted. My last week at Atlas Truss was uneventfull. Same ol same ol which is a good thing. I tried to stir up some crap the last night because the foreman is a goof and is going to be moving guys around to positions they don't want to work so I brought it up in the lunch room just to watch the fire works.

For those of you that don't know yet Patty's son albert has left the nest to head back to Kamloops where all his friends are. Hopefully hes happy now because hes a good kid (21 but acts 12 most of the time LOL) but very negative, can't make choices easily and was pretty unhappy being here. Here are a couple shots of a Happy Al.

Al after scoreing a goal

Al being tricky

Al being scored on

This weekend I bought a new BBQ and set it up in only 5 hours LOL. Best thing is there were no extra pieces so I must have done it right. I also finished putting the gate up with the lock but I still bought a chain and lock for the BBQ. I told Patty locks are only to prevent honest ppl from walking away with your stuff. Patty took a picture of me cooking some home made burgers and bacon on the new BBQ in time to sit down and watch the Canucks lose. Al liked my burgers and these were probably the best ones I have made.

never noticed how old I'm starting to look

Next is a picture of Benny who is letting his hair grow since he can't grow a playoff beard yet. I think he should leave it long it looks pretty good.