Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day !!!

Happy mothers day out there to all the mothers and soon to be moms. Very soon I hope and I bet she does too. Also to day is mom's birthday. I think mom used to get ripped off a little when her birthday fell on mothers day. Not that she would have complained. She just liked us all getting together to cellebrate anything.Back then we were a closer family. Not just by distance but by feelings. I think alot about that and one day there will be a blog where I let out my inner thoughts of family and how this last year has been.

This morning Ben and I made breakfast for Patty and delivererd it to her in bed. Ben made a real nice card and we went shopping for gifts to give to patty this morning. It wasn't planned but it ended up being a Dragon Fly day. Last week I picked up a couple stepping stones with Dragon Flies on them at Canadian Tire while I was out walking. The one was on sale last week the other is on sale this week. I'm pretty sure I have the receipt so will go get a couple bucks back. Ben didn't know about them and when I took him shopping I told him not just to grab any crap just to get it done but to try and think about things his mom likes. He spotted a rock that has a dragon fly on it and said mom loves dragon flies. It looks like a fosil, pretty cool! Then we were walking around looking and we spotted a Dragon Fly charm in sterling silve with little coloured stones for the wings. So we looked around a bit more and decided to grab the charm and a sterling silver necklace with the rock. I told Patty the the whole day will be planned around the football scrimmage because I know how much she loves football LMAO. But I told her if shes good I'll take her to Value Village and buy her something pretty. Well shes almost done getting ready so I better slap on some deodorant a t shirt and head out with my beautifull wife on this beautifull day for football!! Oh yeah I should probably throw on some pants too.

Looking forward to meeting my sister in-law and family next weekend when they come to the island to visit.

Lastly if anyone remembers a post a few weeks back about a Dr visit and changes I needed blah blah blah.... When Patty and I got married I was 227lbs and this week I am down to 205lbs. Not sure what my cholestrol is and I still like red meat but at least I've done part of it.