Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A teary farewell

Well I just got back from the Duke point ferry terminal and dropping Maisan.....and yes Jodi off for the start of their trip home. I sure wish Maisan wasn't such a cry baby because it was a sad sight at the terminal. All the people looking at us like we couldn't see them standing there. The ferry they will be boarding should be pulling into the dock any moment then taking them off the island and over to the mainland. If by chance Jodi sends Maisan on by himself and returns here you can't kill me Trudy because I did my part. I didn't wait to see them get on the boat because I have to leave for work very soon and would have been late.

It was a great visit and made my 45th birthday even better. We cellebrated 2 times. On friday with baloons and cake and presents and then again last night just after midnight with doughnuts and candles and the singing of happy birthday again. You can't tell how slow I'm typing this but I just polished off the last huge piece of birthday cake. mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

We did many things while they were here and after I catch up on my sleep I may post some pictures to show you. I'm sure Jodi and Maisan will be showing you all lots of pictures as well. I think I did a total of 8 cd's up for them as the card in Maisan's camera kept getting full. That was an added bonus that Maisan and I are both into photography. Instead of Jodi waiting on Maisan to take his pictures she was waiting on both of us. And she was always an eager model when we told her to stand somewhere so we could get some shots of her. Jodi and Patty seemed to get along well and Jodi was a little dissapointed because she couldn't find any faults with Patty. Jodi wants me to be happy and she saw that I was and she knows that Patty and I are in Love so she is happy for us. I showed Jodi the wedding video that we have and told her she is the first person to see it other than Patty, Ben, and myself. Eventually we might get a copy we can send to Ontario but for now we will just show it to our guests...that is if they want to see it LOL.

Well thanks Jodi and Maisan for comming out her and spending this wonderfull time with us. Hope you both had as much fun as we did. Love you both and miss you and can't wait for your next vist and or move to live in this little paradise of ours. You both are welcome to visit/stay whenever you like. Take care, Love you