Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jodi and Maisan in B.C.

Well I got an email today from Jodi saying she is safe and sound at home. She says she had a great time here and Patty and I both loved having her and Maisan here. This is the most time I've ever spent with Maisan and I must say I really enjoyed getting to know him more. On the days that I worked I let Maisan and Jodi have my car and even gave them some ideas as what to do. They would drop me off and then go do their thing, then visit with Patty and come pick me up after work. On Thursday night we went and took some night pictures after they picked me up. The fact that Maisan is a photographer was pretty cool. And like me he doesn't just put the camera on auto mode and press the shutter button he likes to change things and try different things. It made me strive to do better and I was impressed with some of Maisans results. I wish I hadn't lent him my long lense because there were many times where he got a better photo than I did. Ok not many but a couple. Jodi is a very good model and put up with the both of us getting her to pose here there and everywhere. On thursday Jodi even took my camera out and did some shooting of her own. Here is one of the shots from that night.

I set the timer with a long exposure then we would get ready and I would count elephants till it was time to run out of the photo. Jodi had a good laugh with that. Here is another shot without me in it.

Now here is a couple photos of the worlds largest hockey stick taken at night.

On friday Ben and I both took the day off. I took them to see the Kinsol Trestle which I have been too a few times now and have taken many shots. Now I've taken many more shots of it. It was a good morning for it because it wasn't too sunny or hot to be climbing up and down the hill to the bottom of the trestle. Maisan got a shot of one of the many snakes we saw there but I tried to stay as far away from them as possible. Here are some photos and I even threw in a couple shots with people in them.

After we left the Kinsol trestle we were heading for the Pacific North West Raptors center but I was sure the only flying demonstration was at 1:00pm and we were not going to make it so I decided to take my time. On the way we saw a Doe and fawn in a field so we stopped and Maisan got the only shot of it before they ran away. Then we took some flower and bug shots. We started driveing along again and I decided we would still go to the raptors place just in case they had a second show. Ends up the first show is at 1:30pm so we caught most of that and then the North American birds fly at 3:30 so again Maisan and I took many many photos. Maisan got a few excellent shots that you should get him to show you. I had most of his photos on here to put them on cd's for him but I deleted them so I didn't get the urge to steal some and say they were mine. I did keep a few shots that he took of Jodi while they were out together. Here are a few shots from there.

Hope you liked what you seen so far. Will post pictures from Saturday when we went to Coombs market, Cathedrol Grove and the Dingy Dock Pub in the next day or so if I get time.