Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fathers Day

Well it was a little different for a fathers day for me. Days like that when I would call dad to talk to him even if it was for only a couple minutes are tough. I would call him every couple of weeks to say hello but never missed calling on a special day. I remember The first Christmas without mom, her birthday and mothers day. Days when we would celebrate with them but now we can just think of them since they are no longer with us. Fathers day was going to be just like that and nothing more...or so I thought. I woke up in the morning and got a big kiss from my wife as usual. Then when I was in getting my breakfast Ben came in with a gift and said happy fathers day. Patty said they were going to take me out for lunch that day. I really wasn't expecting anything so it was a real nice touch on a day where I was a little down thinking about dad. That afternoon when we were heading back home from Nanaimo Albert called so I let his mom take the call but she passed it right to me because he had called to wish me a Happy fathers day as well. Its nice when your not expecting something when it happens. Especially something positive LOL. It was a nice feeling even though the day had its moments when sadness would hit.

I passed the phone back to his mom so I could concentrate on my driving. The end of Albert's call was a lot of trash talking since he figures that now he has taken up tennis that he would be able to whip my butt because I'm so old and hes so young. Can't wait to teach him a lesson on the court. Hes coming for a visit in August but we might have to go visit him in July so that I can give him a lesson so that when he comes here in August he'll give me at least a little competition. I'm older and slower but I know I still have game in me. Last time I played was with Michelle one day last summer. Before that I'm really not sure but I did play a couple times my first year on the island. I know I still got it and hes going to know it when we get to play.