Sunday, July 01, 2007

6 month anniversary

Well its been a little quiet around here lately. I caught a cold this week so have been trying to get some rest. Its mostly in my chest now. Was hoping to go to Salt Spring Island to see Valdy in concert and a classic car show. If I was feeling better we would have gone Saturday and camped because its such a small ferry that takes you over too the island there would have been a long wait. Had a late night last night and an even later morning. The Raiders have held camp in Duncan this weekend so I've stopped by a couple times to take some pictures. This weekend marks six months since Patty and I have been married. Its been way better than I could have ever imagined and keeps getting better each day. Today we just went for a drive to Shawnigan Lake where Aunty Irene had taken the kids for a swim. While there I shot a few photos of some bees on the flowers but never got the shot I wanted which is a bee in flight. I'm sure I'll get more chances and will keep trying but here are a couple shots that turned out not bad.