Saturday, June 23, 2007

recent photos

On Friday I went into work for a couple hours on my own time because I'm trying to get a new position and so I'm trying to show some initiative. Its a job upstairs in the designing room. I don't want to jinx it but I'm not sure if its the job for me or not. The guys are real busy up there right now and neither one has the time to show me much and neither one is a good teacher because they talk in terms that only ppl that have done that or taken a course on reading plans will understand. But I'll go in again next Friday and see how it goes. At lunch time I go for a drive till I have to be back to start my regular job. Fridays are only 4 hours so I don't mind going in a bit early to check this thing out. Last Friday I took my camera with me and took a few photos.

Today Patty and I went for a drive and ended up in Cowichan Bay where they had a silly boat regatta going on. The place was packed and it was hard to find a parking spot. We managed to find one then went for a walk to check things out. The weather wasn't that great as it kept trying to rain. We stopped for lunch and had some fish then when we got outside I decided to take some pictures of the boats they were building as the rain had stopped. I heard each time was allowed to spend 75 dollars to buy materials to build the boat then they had to build it on site today for a race later. They had a lot of people wandering around in different costumes and sometimes putting on a little show for visitors.

After we left the Bay area we went for a drive along the ocean. As we got back to Duncan I remembered there was supposed to be an old stone church known as the butter church. I asked Patty if she wanted to go find it and she said it sounded like fun. So we asked some old guy directions and ended up taking the main hwy back to Cowichan Bay but as we reached the town again I thought we must have passed it from what we were told. I pulled off the road because I didn't want to go through the town again and asked another gentleman who gave us very different directions which lead us back through town along the road we had already circled around on. When we finally found the old church we were probably only 5 kms from where we asked the old guy directions. Oh well it was a nice day for a drive and the sun was now starting to poke through and there was no more rain. We climbed the hill to the church and found a few native kids playing around the ruins. The place is in rough shape with a lot of graffiti but was still a cool place to photograph. I took a few pictures of the wife and allowed her to take one of me. I read online the reason its called The Butter Church is that it was built from money earned at a farm on that spot that sold butter. It was built in 1870. To learn more about it
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  • Now last but not least ... here are a few photos of Jack who is getting bigger and definitely badder every day. I might have some more pictures tomorrow depending on the weather.