Monday, August 06, 2007

Long Weekend

Well its after 9:30pm Monday night and the long weekend is coming to an end. We didn't end up going to Kamloops to meet the in-laws because the ferries were nuts with traffic. Part of the bargain you get for choosing to live on the island of paradise. We are planning to go next weekend but it won't be quite the same as Natalie and Albert will both be working. It might give Al a good excuse to not get his ass kicked in tennis.

Once I realized we were not going to Kamloops I told my boss I would be into work as scheduled. I then started planning the weekend for my wife and me so we wouldn't be sitting around all weekend. Friday night after she went to bed I boiled some potatoes and some eggs and made a potato salad and some devilled eggs. I also made a cheesecake which I had never made for Patty before. I told her we were going on a pic nic so in the morning she drove her son Adam to Lady Smith and I had everything ready for when she got back so we could leave. We drove down to Victoria and then turned right and drove along the coast past Sooke. After checking out a couple spots we found one we liked. Wasn't too crowded and you had to walk in so it wasn't very busy. We found a spot and sat down and enjoyed lunch. Then we went for a walk along the beach where Patty collected some rocks to bring back and I took some pictures of some seals. Patty had better luck then I did because I didn't like how any of my pictures turned out but she found enough rocks to fill both of our pockets and fill our hands as well. We went back to the blanket and then we had the cheesecake. The tide was coming in so we packed up and walked back to the car. It was a great time and pretty romantic too. We had a nice drive back with out treasures loaded up and we sang instead of putting on the radio. Only problem was when we had gotten to the beach I had forgotten my hat in the car. When we went for the walk I put it over my head so I wouldn't burn but when we got home I noticed my chest and belly were quite pink. It hasn't bothered me yet.

Sunday we drove to Parksville to see a car show. This thing was huge and there were hundreds of cars. Of course I had better luck with my pictures and will share many of them with you all LOL. My favourite car of all (57 Chevy Nomad) was there and Patty's favourite car (67 Ford Mustang) was also there. I've always wanted a Nomad but if we came into any money I'd buy a 67 Mustang for Patty over a Nomad for me in a heartbeat. There were many other cars there and even some home made ones and the paint jobs were awesome!! After the car show we drove up the coast a while and found and ice cream place and walked along the ocean while we ate. Then we drove up coast a while longer till Patty thought we should start heading back. We stopped briefly at Coombs where the goats were close enough down the roof you could reach up and touch them and then went to Swiss Chalet in Nanaimo for supper.

This emblem is off a 1970 Dodge Super B that is a one of a kind. There were 7 made and were not supposed to be sold but were. Dodge has bought back the other 6 but this is owned by the original owner and he will not sell this car back.