Saturday, July 28, 2007

This and that...

I'm not going to post any pictures tonight but thought I would post something on this blog since it's been a while. This week has been pretty busy. Sabine from Austria arrived in Victoria Sunday afternoon and gave me a call. We made arrangements for me to pick her up on Tuesday so she could spend time in Victoria.

I drove down with Ben and stopped to meet Adam and drop off some stuff for him then went and picked Sabine up in front of the Hostel. It was nice to see her again after 4 years. We stopped at Salty's for fish and chips before I took her to our place. I showed her to her room then took her over to meet aunty because I knew she would see a lot of Aunty while here. I had to go to work so left Sabine with Ben.

Wednesday Sabine and I hit Tim Horton's then went for a drive to the top of Mount Prevost. We took a lot of wrong turns but turned out OK because we saw some wild life like deer and pheasants. We made it to the top but not to the monument where Jodi and Maisan had gone. We took some pictures then sat and watched a para glider getting ready to take a flight but decided there was not enough wind so we finally left for home.

Thursday Sabine and I drove to Chemainus and walked around talking about the first time we were there. Sabine had forgotten a lot about the trip but it was all coming back to her as we chatted. Took lots of pictures then went down to the ocean where I found a star fish and let Sabine hold it while I took a couple pictures. Then we headed back home. I have to be at work for 2pm so unless we got up super early, which we didn't, then we didn't have a lot of time to do things.

In the evening Patty and Sabine were going out with Aunty or driving up to Lady Smith to explore or even going for long walks to Tim Horton's for an Ice Cap. Friday before work I helped Sabine put a lot of her photos onto CD's then dropped her off at the North West Raptor centre to check out the flying demonstrations and then Patty picked her up after work and they went for supper. That evening we all went to Karaoke in Chemainus.

Today we drove to Nanaimo where we went for a walk at Neck Point, then went shopping at the mall (window shopping mostly) had a drink then went to see the V.I. Raiders football game. It was cloudy in the morning but quite sunny at game time and I'm a bit burnt. Sabine was picked to go out on the football field and try and catch a football to win a prize but having never seen a football before didn't make out too well. She seemed to enjoy the game especially for not knowing anything about it before hand but thought it was a little too long. It was an exciting game as our arch rivals from Victoria came in and took control of the game and then our team took a lot of unnecessary penalties but eventually smartened up and came from behind to beat the Rebels in the last minute of the game.

Tomorrow Sabine and I are going whale watching in Victoria. I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow but if not I'll do it soon.