Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trip to meet the In-Laws Part two (of four)

Saturday morning we got up, got showered and got dressed then headed out for breakfast. Albert, Natalie and Peter met us at the restaurant. There were not many choices as restaurants have closed, burned down or just can't find enough good help to stay open. To be honest this restaurant wasn't very good. Very nice and friendly service but the over easy eggs were broken and the sausages and hash browns weren't cooked enough even though we asked for well done. Well the company and conversations were good so that's all that mattered.

After breakfast Albert decided to join us and we went back to Anita's to drop her off and take a couple photos.

We said our goodbyes then the three of us headed to downtown Merritt for the grand tour. Merritt is mostly known for the annual Mountain Music Festival. Carrie Underwood, Gretchen Wilson and Reba were some of the big names there this year. Albert was there to see Carrie Underwood and I think he is more in love with her now than ever. He enjoyed her music as well. We walked around the downtown checking out the murals and the hand prints that some of the big stars left on the walk of fame. There wasn't much else to see and most of the shops are closed or going out of business. Was kind of depressing.

Albert comparing his hand to the stars

Keith Urban

Most of the Gowers have seen these guys on the Barge in Gravenhurst The Good Brothers

Brookes and Dunn

Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Patty and I each took a turn posing with our favourites

Here is me with Martina McBride!!

Patty with Randy Travis!!

And here are a couple of the murals painted on the walls of buildings.

At some point before the photo of me and Martina's hand print we dropped Albert off so he could rest up for our impending tennis match and then Patty and I finished off the grand tour together and taking some more photos.

We went back to Peter and Natalie's place where we had a bbq and peter cooked up some delicious steak and chicken along with potatoes. Patty's mom made the trip down for the bbq and so we had our first meeting. I had spoke to her a few times on the phone so I already knew she was a nice woman. I think we hit it off pretty good. Her husband Pat had just had an operation so he was unable to make the trip but Patty and I were heading there for the night anyways. Patty's dad was away for the weekend and Anita had to work and Patty's friend Spike was also too busy to make it so it was just a nice small family bbq.

After dinner was over Albert and I grabbed our gear and headed off the the tennis courts. By the time the rest of them showed up to watch I was already up one set to none. It was fun playing tennis again even though I was pretty rusty and didn't have my A or B game. I had no serve working for me at all. Albert was getting better as we went along but I tried to keep him moving to tire him out. His serve was way better than mine and he gradually learned how to counter the moves I made like rushing the net. At first he was hitting them too me but then he started getting them over my head and making me run for them. It was a close game but I eventually beat him two sets to none. I bet he gives me a better run next time and even takes a set. I look forward to it though.