Thursday, September 06, 2007

Recent junk

Not sure if you've heard but Jean has sold the house she and dad lived in and is building an addition on to Kim's house and moving in there. It came as a bit of a shock when she first told me because I was looking forward to going to see it next summer. Some nice memories there to go along with some of the not so nice ones. Maybe its for the best because it would have been tough to go in there again. I'm glad for Jean that she won't be living on her own she needs company. I kind of felt her and Joan would have moved in together but she said Joan has a good set up with her family already. Jean also mentioned that she had sent a box of dad's things up to Karl's with Mike. She didn't tell me what was in it other than some stuff that you people had gotten him. She sounded pretty good and seems busy. Looking forward to Rick and Michele's wedding next year.

I was going through my photos on Cd's and such trying to figure out how to organize them. I found a picture that I don't think I had told anyone about. I took a picture of the box dad's ashes came in. I might post it next week some time but I just wanted to warn people so they are not caught off guard.

Ben has a connection with dad that I thought was kind of cool. Besides the fact that Ben is a huge Johnny Cash fan his birthday is Sept 10. This weekend Ben becomes a teeny bopper LOL.

On a last note Adam has moved out again. I talked to him last night and told him I hope it works out for him and that this time around was a lot better than the first time. I actually got to know him this time. We even did a few car runs together for food and stuff at Wally's. Last time he was here Ben and I did the Wally runs for him. Adam and a couple friends found a place in Victoria to live. That's what he came here for in the first place. Albert has found a home again and is out of his car. He was in transition for a few days and had to sleep in his car till he found a new room. Pheeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I thought we were getting him back LOL. Now if we can just find a home for Ben LMAO. Its funny because I find myself being a little strict on Ben at times and think wow that's just like dad would be. Ben is a good kid he just has to learn that he is just a kid and can't just do anything he wants.

OK a longer post than I intended. Go back to what you were doing.

Forgot to add that Adam was going to get an XBOX 360 so now I'm ticked off hes moving LOL