Saturday, September 08, 2007

more junk plus email from my sista in law

Well we haven't been up to a lot lately so not much to post about. Ben's birthday is on Monday and the kid is driving us nuts. His mom told him we will celebrate it tomorrow so now it's like we moved the date and hes telling everyone his birthday is tomorrow. And hes got a list of things for us to do. It looks like we will be taking him to the Cowichan Fair and letting him go nuts on the rides till he pukes.

I took him to the football game in Nanaimo today and he was ball boy and got lots of exorcise. He likes to whine and complain but I'm sure he really does like it.

Next week we have a bye so I'm going to the B.C. Lions game. Looks like a lot of our players will be taking in the game. Scott another photographer with the team will be on the side lines with me. Should be fun.

Momma sita is great at art as you have seen from an earlier post but shes not the only artist in the family. Ben and Patty both have some artistic skills. A couple weeks ago Patty and I went to the west coast for a pic nic and to collect rocks and here is what she has done with them...

And here is one that Ben did just for me!!

Patty's sister Natalie sent me a msg on face book and I asked her if I could share it on here and she said no but here it is any ways LOL Luv ya Nat!!!

Natalie Jylha

9:59pm September 7th

Hello Kevin,
I haven't yakked to you for quite awhile so I just thought I would touch base with you. I just spent the last hour on your blog, reading your posts and gazing at your pictures. Honestly, you have a talent for photography and writing blogs!! I enjoyed it so much the time went very quickly. I didn't get a chance to tell you that I really enjoyed your visit out this way, it was short but sweet....If I haven't told you before, I just wanted to tell you now, that i am so happy my sister and you found each other. I realize I haven't known you very long...but I'm a good judge of character and yours is definitely a good one! My sister is a very good lady and Ive always wished she would find true happiness, and just looking at her pictures and talking to her, she has indeed found it in you...Hope you don't find this to mushy, but I like to speak whats in my heart sometimes...Anyways keep on keeping on and wish you a very very happy week!!!

luv your sister-in-law nat oxoxoxox