Monday, September 17, 2007

I Hate Vancouver!!!

I hate Vancouver!!!! Saturday I went over to the B.C. Lions game. Going in from Horeshoe Bay it was easy and it lead me right to the stadium. I parked right beside the stadium for 10 bucks and had a couple hours to walk around the downtown. The downtown is kind of like Toronto and besides lots of stores there are lots of other sites walking around the city. People watching is always fun and Patty and I like to do that where ever we go. I ended up buyying a cable shutter release for my camera at London Drugs. Its a place simular to Wal Mart but is only out west as far as I know. I was looking for DVD for Ben called CrossRoads. Not the stupid chick flick with Brittney Spears but the movie with Ralph Machio the Karate Kid who challenges the devils guitar player to a duel to save some guys soul. It all started with a deal at the CrossRoads. I've seen the movie many times and the guitar solos are excellent.

Back to the original story. I had gone over to Vancouver to go to the Lions football game. I had a pillow and blanket in my car to sleep at the terminal but I had heard they had put an extra ferrie on for after the game. I asked someone for directions because it was a different terminal than I normally take. They gave me directions as if I knew the city so I decided to ask someone else later on and their directions were totally different. I decided to ask one more person and it sounded pretty easy. I left before the game was over to beat the traffic and get a head start. I should have left at half time. I got so lost and ended up passing the stadium 3 more times and getting caught up in the traffic. I also got to see lots of people sleeping on the streets or pushing shopping carts. I finaly decided to go a way that I thought of before I went into the stadium and eventually after driving through downtown Surrey I made my way to the terminal an hour late. I slept but not very well I guess I'm getting too old to sleep in my car anymore. I did have a good time at the game and enjoyed the Argos getting stomped by the Lions. They had the Cats game on the big screen when I went in but after seeing the score decided to ignore it. Here are more than a few pictures I took while at the game.


At Monday, September 17, 2007 1:42:00 PM, Anonymous karl said...

Yahoo look at all the cameltoes!!!!

At Tuesday, September 18, 2007 12:02:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kev, Karl just mentioned that you enabled your comments field again. I hate Vancouver too. Last year when I traveled across Canada to all the auto auctions Vancouver, or Richmond BC, was my least favourite place, even behind Winnipeg. Anyway good to see you're back.



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