Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Some photos

Well things are starting to slow down for me and I decided to post some pictures from the past couple weeks. Patty and I like to get out Saturday and Sunday mornings and go to Tim Horton's for breaky. Then we like to go somewhere for a walk or go window shopping. A couple weeks ago we had gone to the park where we had gone for a walk on our first date .... or was it when I proposed because it was around the same time LMAO!! Anyways I brought my camera in case there was something to photograph like fall colours but it wasn't that colour full. On our way back to the car I was watching a man play Frisbee with his dog so I stopped and took a couple photos.

There were many people in the park as it was a sunny but cool day. There were also alot of dogs being walked which is another reason I like that park. I stop and pet many of the dogs and Patty and I talk to the owners. One woman told us of a spot on the Reserve where he daughter goes to take pictures. Its near the old brick church I had taken photos of and also near ducks unlimited land. It was late afternoon when we got there which is not the best time to take photographs but we looked around any ways. We found an old shoot that they used to use for corralling cattle to brand them or load them on a truck. It is hidden pretty good by weeds growing over it but looks kind of neat.

This past Sunday we had to go down towards Victoria to drop some stuff off for Adam. On the way there we decided to stop at Goldstream park to see if the Salmon were running up stream yet. By the look of all the traffic and full parking lots its a very popular thing to do. It is a nice looking park with lots of trails to walk on. We basically stayed close to the river to watch and take pictures of the fish. They have rangers throughout the area to talk to the visitors and explain whats going on. There were also a few natives who were there taking advantage of the running salmon and were fishing as only the natives are allowed to do. Its funny that at one spot the ranger was making people stay back from the edge because there was a female salmon making a nest supposedly within 10 feet of where she was born. 50 meters down stream there was a native with a big hook on a pole standing in the water dragging some of the salmon out onto the shore then beating them with the pole so they stopped squirming. Some people were appalled and others were fascinated. I went from appalled to fascinated LOL. I didn't have the proper filter on my lens and it was a cloudy day so most of my 300 pictures are trash but here are a few.


At Wednesday, November 07, 2007 5:04:00 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Keep up the good blogs Kev...

At Tuesday, November 27, 2007 9:33:00 AM, Blogger Aleah said...

love the pics


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