Saturday, November 24, 2007

I've got nothing....

Just a little steal from Mike but I really don't have anything. Went to work all week. Tried just doing light duty but I hate standing around especialy on graveyard shift. Didn't get the pay raise I was looking for so called the owner and got things straightened out....I hope. He seems pretty good to talk to. Not sure whats up for this weekend. Still can't do much because of the sore ribs. Worst part is sleeping cause I can't lay on my left side so can't snuggle with Patty. Last night I got her to switch sides with me so I could snuggle. Only problem was the cat decided to get in between us. Didn't sleep great and was up early as usual. Might go to Nanaimo I'm buyying a lens off my buddy for my camera and another memmory card for back up. I'll have 2 - 2 gig cards now. The lens is a 50mm 1.8 so will work good in low lighting. He just bought a 1.2 to shoot basketball in doors. If I can I might go shoot the hockey game next week in town to try it out. Christmas is getting close and I actually started shopping/looking for gifts yesterday. Kinda sorta looking forward to Christmas this year. Going to Fanny Bay to spend it with some of Patty's family. Probably most of the ones in the photo from last Christmas. Pretty sure I posted it. I just looked and I had.

Well going to go get dressed and go to Tim's for brunch. See how it works out since I have the rib thing and its always quite crowded. Well not bad for nothing but thats it for now.


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