Friday, November 30, 2007

Lady Smith light up

Last night the wife and I went to Lady Smith to see the light up ceremony. There are thousands of people in this small town covering the main street all waiting for the street to be lit up. They have live music which I thought sounded like Valdy doing Christmas carols but when I made it over saw that it wasn't I was dissapointed. We were standing in a huge line waiting to by a smokey off of one of the vendors. I told Patty I had to go see if it was Valdy cause if I heard it had been later I'd have to kick myself for not seeing him.

They do a count down then throw a switch and the whole main street is alive with christmas lights. I took pictures of the lights last year and may go back and take some more this year.

Next comes a parade which has gotten alot bigger since I seen it my first year on the island. I took many pictures and quite a few didn't turn out because I tried not to use the flash or you wouldn't see the lights. I think you will like the ones that did turn out because you can really see how much effort went into making the floats. I put one example up.

After uploading the pictures a lot more turned out than I had thought although I took about 150 pictures in total. I kind of rushed this post as we are heading out for the evening so it may not make any sense.


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