Monday, November 26, 2007

University ?? and more

I called Mal U and set up an appointment for tomorrow. They have an information session in Nanaimo tomorrow but I don't really feel like driving there then coming home and going straight to work. I'm going to check and if Patty is interested they will change my appointment to next Tuesday after 4pm. I'd like to do this but not sure if I will be able to afford it. I'd have to take a first aid course and a food safe course before I can even think about it. That's about 500 dollars. Then the actual HS/RC attendant course is close to 4 grand. Will look into it cause I might be able to get some assistance.

Right now I'm actually liking my job except for the fact its outside and cold. Graveyard shift isn't a big attraction either but I do get to see Patty and Ben a lot more. Right now I'm not doing a whole lot because of the broken ribs thing but I've been training a guy on the saw and driving the fork lift alot. I talked to the owner the other day because I didn't see a raise on my check. by the time its all said and done I think I'll be getting 3 dollars more because I'm temp foreman. I told the owner now that I'm doing it I'd like the opportunity to be the foreman when the time comes and we have a full crew on nights or at least some builders. He said we can discuss it when the time comes so I'm stepping up and doing as much as I can now. None of the other guys on the shift could do it or wouldn't want it. That's why I've been going into work even with my broken ribs because I told him one thing I can be is dependable.

We had a guy get a sliver and miss 3 nights now he has something else and has a Dr's note to get some time off. Tom who has been there 3 years is a nice guy but very slow. Not just at his job LOL. The guy I'm training on the saw is new this week. Jumped right into the fire because normally they start as a stacker and work up to sawyer. Sawyers make the most money there. There was a stoner that quit after he was told he couldn't smoke pot at work. There is a native who is a nice guy but makes more puppies than anything else there. We get two 15 min breaks but I don't push them back till after 18mins. Found he was going to break at least 4 minutes before everyone else. When we are done break he heads to the washroom for a few more minutes.

I'll have to learn more about building which I really don't know much about. Hopefully they will put guys that know what they're doing on this shift. There is one guy that said he'd be interested in going to nights and being foreman but he is the best builder on afternoons and they don't want to lose him on that shift. We could probably work good as a team like they had at Atlas. One guy in charge of builders one guy in charge of sayers

Patty and I went shopping and bought a nice little tree and some decorations. We will be putting it up this weekend. I bought a little tree that looks like Charlie Brown's tree and we have it in the living room now. Its kind of cute and I'm just going to hang my three wolf decorations on it. Keep with the theme of the living room. ummmmmmmmmmm looks like that is all for now can't think of anything more.


At Tuesday, November 27, 2007 1:08:00 PM, Blogger Ive got nothing said...

A christmas tree?? Its not even December yet!!


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