Tuesday, February 12, 2008

some ramblings without photos

Well I'm not sure yet if I'm going tonight or not because I've got that super virus thats going around. Last week someone told me about a poker game thats free but you get points and could earn a seat in a big money on tv game so there are no prizes. Lots of regulars that are pretty good card players. I checked it out and loved it. After I got out I found a game for 10 bucks under the table because no gambling liscence at this bar. I played pretty well but came in 5th out of nine. One of the guys in that game was the guy from work that had told me about it. He has won seats to 3 different tournaments. No limits in BC, a set limit game in BC and he won seats to one of the degree tournaments that was in Niagara falls a couple years ago. Big name players and the game is on tv after a few rounds. Its funny how people played against him giving lots of respect for who he is. On the other hand I didn't and he put me out of the game in the end. He said he liked the way I played and I told him I just got some good cards and they lead me. I'm going to take a shower and eat dinner and then I'll decide if I'm going or not. Its only a half day tomorrow so I might go because I can rest when I get off work.

Now here is something no one ever would have thought they would hear from me. I'm going to be a grandpa!!!!!! Last night Patty's son Adam called to tell his mom that his girlfriend Mary is pregnant. He was worried she would be mad but we had disscussed the possibility of this happening recently. When he started off with don't be mad she thought hed been arrested or lost his job or something so she was very relieved to find out it was only the fact she is going to be a grandma. He is nervous but sounds pretty happy and we told him that we are here for anything they might need.

Adam told Patty last night that they will probably get married and she said don't think you have to rush into it. They had already been discussing that before the baby on the way came into the picture. Today he called to say that he had put a downpayment on a ring and had gotten down on his knees to propose and she said yes. I got to talk to him for about 15 minutes before Patty got home and he seems real excited. They are thinking about a real small wedding on the beach in Toffino this summer. We just have to inform him that July is already taken.

Well thats all for now I'm heading down to make supper, then maybe off for a night of poker.


At Thursday, February 14, 2008 10:47:00 AM, Blogger Ive got nothing said...

Nice pics Kev and congrats to you and Patty on being grandparents. Does it make you feel old?

Good luck with poker,



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