Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RIP Oscar Jylha (OZ) Part 2 of 2

Well its been a couple days but I have an hour or so and will try and finish this. Monday night I worked at Wal-Mart and tonight Patty and I are going to see Twist and Shout a Beatles tribute band. Some of these guys are supposed to be the ones from Beatlemania back in the 80's. Should be a fun night.


Saturday morning some of us met for breakfast. Patty, myself, Mamasita, Papasita (Pat), Natalie, Eugene (her son) and Anita (Patty's friend). At the end of breakfast Albert joined us and we all sang happy birthday to him. Eugene was so loud it was hard not to laugh but he wanted to embarrass Albert as much as possible only Eugene didn't realize just how many people were in the restaurant until they applauded when we were done.

When we left there we all went to Natalie's and hung out till it was time to go to the Adelphi. Now I'm not sure what to call this because it definitely wasn't a funeral. If anything it was what I would think an Irish wake would be. Oz was part Irish and he liked to hang out at the Adelphi with his friends. It was like a second home you might say. Natalie had purchased some food and dropped it off and the owner had the kitchen staff do it up real nice at no charge. We got there shortly after 1pm and most of Oz's family and friends were there by 1:30pm. There was a band that Oz used to like to listen to that played some of his favourite songs. When the waiter asked what everyone was drinking they said wed like what Oz would be drinking and so pitchers of beer started showing up at the table. Everyone had a beer for Oz except me of course. Not out of disrespect but just because I don't drink and someone needed to be a DD.

The band played for about a half hour then Patty got up and said a few words about her dad. Everyone raised a beer and toasted Oz. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. Then Natalie as shy as she is managed to get up and make a speech as well. The owner was the last person and he gave a great speech telling a story that made you know just how special and nice Oz was to his friends and family. I met all kinds of cousins uncles and friends of the family. As far as these things go it was a nice time. The band played some more music and when they dedicated a slow song in Oz's memory Patty and I got up and danced. I think the Irish are on to something in holding a wake instead of a funeral. You celebrate a person's life rather than a funeral which just the music alone is depressing. I think Oz would have loved this idea.

After the Adelphi more than a few people showed up at Natalie and Peters place. Three people that I have to mention because they were very nice and the fact that they took a 12 hour bus ride from Alberta Friday then had to take it back Sunday just so they could be there with the family and I think that's amazing! Buffy, Kim and Jessica it was very nice to meet you. I wish it had been under happier circumstances. I hope that I will meet you all again soon and under better circumstances this time. At least now when Patty tells me she was talking to Jessica online or Kim or Buffy on the phone I will be able to put a face to the names.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful people I met...

Well there is not to say about the trip home. We met with Mamasita fore a quick breakfast and the weather was not as nice. Just glad it wasn't snowing on the hwy for the drive home. We missed the brand new ferry by one departure but we did see it as we passed it halfway during our trip home to the Island.

Next up is a wedding in April on the beach in Tofino and then a trip back to Merritt to spread the ashes of Oz. He requested to his cousin Marty that his ashes be spread on a mountain where they hunted and that a beer be poured over the ashes. Marty said he will let us know when it will be. Should be some time in July before or after the wedding in Ontario.

Work is back to 2 shifts so I shouldn't be missing any more hours and I'm getting 22 hours at Wal-Mart so hopefully I can pay off some bills that need to be done soon and then start saving the money for the flight to Ontario.

On a last note I have to say that if my father had a twin I think I met him. I took 3 or 4 pictures of him but none of them are as good as if you seen this guy in person. I kind of felt wierd watching this guy who happened to be in the band at the Adelphi. So here is a picture of what dad would have looked like if he played bass in a bar band.


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