Friday, February 22, 2008

Me and Ben or Ben and I !

Well as you might see I am pretty bored with being off work when I should be there doing my job. So you get a couple extra posts on the blog. Today Ben was off school so I took him to my job and gave him the grand tour after I had picked up my new benifit pkg. I was able to show him a small part of every stage but it was too bad I couldn't show him the new saw while it was running. We then drove down to the store at Shawnigan lake where we bothererd aunty Claire for a bit then we drove to the quarry and went for a walk. We saw three eagles but they never came close enough to get a shot of them but I did get a few of Ben before he started feeling ill and we had to head for home. All three of us have been sick since Christmas time and as soon as we think we are getting better something else hits. Ben has had the worst of it because of his asthma.

The weather is fantastic today so it was nice getting out for a while. We had our bedroom window open all night as the low was only 5 and the high today was 11. Ben and I checked out a par 3 golf course that we were going to try this weekend but found out its closed for good as it was recently sold and will be removed for a commercial building. Maybe we will wait a week or two and try the one in Nanaimo. The bigger courses around here are all open and lots of people are getting out to enjoy it.


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