Sunday, March 02, 2008

Trip to Langford

Saturday was a beautifull day here in B.C. but compared to Ontario the last few weeks have been fantastic. We are averaging around plus 10 for a high and it hasn't dropped below zero in a couple weeks. Saturday was no different.

Ben, Patty and I headed down to Langford to see Adam and his soon to be wife Mary. Its the first time we have had a chance to see Mary since we heard the news of the soon to be baby and the even sooner wedding. Date isn't set in stone yet but looking at the middle of april in Tofino. Hopefully it will be a nice weekend weather wise as they do seem to get more rain than the rest of the island.

Patty and I cooked lunch for us and we sat around the table talking baby stuff. After we were finished lunch we all hopped in Mary's car and drove down to the ocean for a walk. We ended up doing a trail hike that was at least 7kms long. It's been a while but it was a good trek and we all enjoyed it. I was surprised we didn't all rush home for a nap and when we did get to bed it was a good sleep for the first few hours. I was awake around 2am and Patty realized this around 3am and after a short chat we both tried to go back to sleep. Eventually we did and then woke up after 7:30am.

This morning Auntie Irene and Uncle Jim took Patty and I out for breakfast. It is a late birthday present for Patty as we have both been so sick since Christmas that they didn't want to be around us much. Some days we feel good and somedays it seems like we are still ill.

This friday we are heading to Merit to see Patty's dad. He is home from the hospital but not doing to well. They are going to give him radiation on his arms and then if he is strong enough they will try chemo therapy to fight the cancer. They told him that he might only have a few months if they cant do the chemo. He told the Dr's that hes up for the fight because hes had two battles already. So the 3 of us are heading to Merit this friday. This will be the first long trip with Ben and aparently you have to drug him up pretty good. Should be be fun to see LOL.

Well here are a few pictures from yesterday.


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