Thursday, March 27, 2008

A night off

Wow this holding down 2 jobs is a lot harder than I had expected. Twice a week I work 4 - 11pm then have to get up at 4:45am to go to my other job. I'm starting to dislike the other job. Monday was the first time I made myself go. The whole day there I just wished I wasn't there. When I got home and before I went to Wal-Mart I asked Patty if she'd be mad if I quit Vic Truss. She is so supportive in anything and everything I do. She is my biggest fan with my photography. The last few days work hasn't been too bad but I just feel unappreciated. If another job came up I'd jump at it with no notice and they'd be screwed. I told the boss I might be sick tomorrow and he said they would be royally screwed and he would have to come to the house to get me even if he had to carry me. I know most jobs you don't get the appreciation you deserve but I thought this place would be different.

Last year I went in a few hours a week on my own time to try and learn the designing part of the company. They were either too busy or the extra computer would not boot up. I talked to the owner and we decided we would try at another time. I found out recently the other guy on my saw has been going in once in a while getting paid to learn and the last 2 weeks he has gone in 2 hours every day. When we went to nights I ended up being the foreman handed the keys taking care of graveyard shift without any one really asking if I wanted to do it. I even had to fire a guy who if I had known I was allowed to do that he wouldn't have made it past his first month. Lately the saw has been down and I spend most of my time on the phone talking to tech support trying to work out the bugs and get the saw running. I don't get to take lunch with the rest of the guys cause I can't just drop the phone and run when the lunch buzzer rings. Would have been nice at Christmas to get a little extra or a card more personalized than the copy card although hand written one we all got. Yeah yeah I'm a whiner I know but that's why I have this blog and if you don't want to listen to me vent stop reading LOL.

I have to tell you Patty is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm not just saying that cause I know she will read it here it is true. I don't know where I'd be without her. I've had some down times the past year and a half since dad passed but Patty always makes me smile. I'm pretty sure that I do the same for her. She lit up tonight after finding out I didn't have to work and then I fell a sleep with my head on her lap right after supper. When I get home from Wal-Mart she wakes up and gets out the icy heat and rubs it on my back. Then we talk for a bit until I fall to sleep. She jokes with me saying that this is FOREVER but she doesn't realize that I wouldn't want it any other way. Or that it goes both ways LOL. I think I waited just long enough and now I have found the right one. She is beautiful and sexy and funny and all those good things and like the song says "if she could see her through my eyes" she would realize just how true those words describe her. I love ya babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just went to check and see if survivor was on and it isn't. I'll have to see when it was on this week and down load it.

I still haven't heard if I got the photo lab job and I went by to see the manager but he was on a first aid course. Another manager says that it looked real good for me getting it but I have to wait and see. The new store is coming along and when I went in to get my pay stub today they had started putting groceries on the shelves as well as some other merchandise. No more deliveries will be going to the old store. If I can hold onto the Vic Truss job till summer anyways it would be a great help to pay off some bills and pay for our trip to Ontario for Shawn's wedding. Plus I heard London Drugs is coming to town and they have a nice photo lab so I might be able to get a full time job there when it opens. The only other possibility is the land lord job here. I talked to the manager today to try and get an interview and will let him have it if I don't think he wants us. I was told that the last interview he didn't want us because we paid our rent a day late a couple times. If he knew the truth he would know that it was because we payed in cash and when the land lord was out getting drunk we wouldn't give the money to her kids so we would wait till the next day. We haven't been late since the last one took over and the interim since they quite. So much for a mature couple with experience.

Not sure if I told this before or not but here goes. He gave the job to a woman from the east coast and her son and his girlfriend (19yr olds) The woman was happily married and her and her husband owned a business out east that he was watching while she was here. Two months later surprise shes leaving to go home and the mature 19 year old couple is taking over. They barely lasted two months before quiting and now we have no land lord other than a guy named Jim from Chemainus who has his own buildings to look after. He has been a big supporter of us. Ok that was the readers digest version.

I'm heading to bed so hopefully I didn't bore you too much. Goodnight all!


At Friday, March 28, 2008 7:37:00 AM, Blogger Ive got nothing said...

I miss venting on my blog. What else are they good for??

Love ya too Babe!!



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