Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day !!

Just wanted to say happy mothers day to all the mothers out there and especially Mamasita !!! Hope you all get spoilt today. Ben was telling me I had to do something for Patty and I said shes not my mother. Shes not even the mother of my children LOL. Then he said I'm his new daddy and that's his mommy so its just about the same thing. Darn kid making me feel guilty LOL. But that's what kids do. So I got her a little something from Ben and me and he made her a very nice card. I might even go buy breakfast for us from Timmy's this morning. So again happy mothers day to all you mommies and even you soon to be mommies (Mary)

Viewer Mail

I've had a few comments and never really replied to them so I will now older ones to newer ones ...

RIP Oscar Jylha (OZ) Part 2 of 2

Our condolences to you both tried to comment from work but you wont allow annon. comments had to try to remember my password.... (Botso or Rob)

Thanks Rob we appreciate you trying so hard

Wally World!!!

Great Job unc........the summer will be here in no time and you can go back to one job again.....i would love the discount from walmart but i would spend my entire pay there if i worked there

Thanks Mandy but going to half to work 2 jobs to make close to what I made at just the truss job

Keeping busy ehh...just got the Christmas card we sent you returned to us today must of got sent to an old address or adresses wrong whoever sent it back said they were once married to a Ken Gower.... (Botso or Rob)

Hmmmm thanks Rob I've never heard of a Ken Gower but here is my address...

5 - 6089 Truesdale Rd.
Duncan B.C.
V9L 2J1

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter Kevin and Patty!
Good luck on the job interview!

Love Annette

Thanks Annette it worked cause I got the job!!! Love you too

A night off

I miss venting on my blog. What else are they good for??
Love ya too Babe!!

Love you too man!!!

Shout out to my peeps!!

thanks for the update kevin. I check your blog every day. Looking forward to seeing you in July!

Love Annette

Thanks Annette the flight is booked!! Glad I taught you how to get on my blog.

Mad About You

congrats on your new job. Hope you enjoy it. Talk to you soon. Love you (Annette)

Thanks again Annette
This post was so fun to do Patty still laughs her ass off when she thinks about it. This blog is to ammuse her and myself too LOL

Quick cut and paste for now

Was it on purpose you cut and paste that on 4:20? (Mike)

Yes it was I had actually got it in an email that morning

no title

nice picture kev. Wheres your helmet? (Annette)

Grandpa clause so I didn't need to wear a helmet


Hmmm,one piece of bread folded in half would constitute a sandwich,therefore even if it is NOT folded it would still be the same piece of bread that would have be a sandwich. But then I never was a role model for the old "yes dear" or "comprimise".It's my way or the highway,lmao,usually me on the highway.Many more "nights on the couch" in store for you my friend.All the best Kev. (Dennis)

Well thank you so much for this comment Dennis. Not only are you not a good role model for me you took her side LOL I'll probably have to sleep on the couch after she reads this.

See you all in july!


At Tuesday, May 13, 2008 5:35:00 AM, Blogger Ive got nothing said...

Hi Kev,

Glad to hear you're coming to Ontario this summer. Hopefully you'll be able to stop by for a visit. My sisters and I would love to see you and meet Patty.



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