Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random stuff

First off I want to say happy birthday to Ben. It was on Sept 10 same as dad and I didn't forget or miss it but since this is first blog in a bit I had to say it or at least wanted to say it. Ben is a good kid and we get along very well. I often have to tell Patty it was me that started the horsing around cause she yells at Ben to stop. She says she thinks I'm smart enough that I'll stop what I'm doing when she tells Ben to stop.......oh OK now that you told me that I am smart enough sheesh. Ben is now 14 and a regular pain in the ass teenager but we love him any way. So much so that Patty and I got Ben and electric guitar and amp last Sunday as his gift. He's not ready for us to tape him yet but yesterday he played the full song Folsom Prison Blues for us in the living room and totally messed up what we were watching on Ellen. Damn teenager doesn't he know not to interrupt Ellen. Ticked me off so much I was going to kick him right in the ass right then and there in the living room but Patty was there and she would have gotten mad at me. I'll get him another time just wait and see ha ha ha ha (evil laugh) Actually Ben played so well I think we will get him lessons sooner than later cause later comes after and sooner comes now and hes practising real good now so why make him wait till later cause he might pick up bad habits and better to nip them in the butt sooner than later.....oh I think I said something like that already. I've gone off so much about Ben I don't think I'll talk any more about his birthday or his ice cream cake with the skull and cross bones on it cause he might get the wrong impression and think that I actually like him which I do but not a good idea for him to know that ... for certain... at this moment in time!

Another topic

Yesterday I was going through some paper work to get rid of some old files in a box and came across the name James Dauphinee. Apparently a person by that name lived in these town houses a few years ago. I showed Patty but she didn't get what it meant at the time till I explained that everyone she met at Theresa's house is a Dauphinee. Then she got it. Shes way better at that stuff cause if a say Theresa did this or that (nothing bad Theresa I only tell good stuff and there is not much good stuff its all bad so I probably don't mention your name at all just using it as an example in this story although I do say at Theresa's house but I should probably say Theresa and Wayne's house but for some reason I don't)Patty will say Theresa is Aunt Jan's daughter who is your dad's sister and I'll say huh.... oh yeah right and explain the Mike, Mickey, Laurie and Theresa are my my cousins thing. So any ways a James Dauphinee once lived here !

I just received confirmation back from the B.C. Lions that I can take photos on the sidelines at the Hamilton B.C. game in a couple weeks!!! I'm pretty excited but not sure why cause Hamilton really sucks. I have been to two Hamilton games I think....I know Paul and I went to one game. This will be the first taking photos. My buddy went last year and took a few pictures for me but I really only like to hang my own pictures on my walls other than Mama sittas paintings/drawings and my wolf prints and a couple of aunties drawings. I hope to get some good shots of Lumsden hes about the only good player on the team right now. One strange point I wanted to say here is that Patty my wife who hates football told me yesterday that the Cats fired the coach. How does she know that and not me ? I have watched some games and good thing they are in the evening and put me to sleep but I don't really follow them or go to the web site for news about them.

I'm still working hard still working three jobs just to support my wife in a style that she is unaccustomed too. If I quit one of my jobs she will probably dump me cause shes enjoying the life style she has now and will need to find a rich dude to marry to keep her at the life style which she is getting accustomed to now!

OK now about work!

There are only two of us on graveyards so tonight I'm taking in a small bbq to cook lunch on. The other person had mentioned it and I said I had a small bbq and could bring it in. Will do some burgers up for us I think. That wasn't what I had planned on talking about but it just popped in my head so I said it to help me remember.

Vic Truss has built some new offices for the salesmen and reception area to look more professional. We are also starting to sell windows, flooring and stairs. In the reception area behind the counter there are three huge posters made from photos I took. And two days ago I sold the owner two more photos that I had taken recently. He told me hes interested in local photos to put up in the new offices so I'm getting some ideas and going to be taking lots more pictures now. Last night I took my camera in to take photos of my photos on the wall.


At Friday, September 12, 2008 5:40:00 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

Welcome,missed ya.

At Monday, September 15, 2008 11:50:00 AM, Blogger Ive got nothing said...


You going on and on about nothing makes me think I should start blogging again. They're some of my favourite blogs!! Sam and Aleah both hinted that they might start blogging again.



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