Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I hate facebook!!!!

I've never been a facebook addict but I do pop on every day to see what ppl are up to or to post some pictures to the football web site. It was pretty good until they went to the new facebook. I can't check out my friends list or even leave comments and the feedback button doesn't work either. If you notice my page on facebook I don't add any of the extra crap I just try to keep it simple. Some ppl still send me the invites and if your one of them, just so you know I hit ignore on every single one of them even from my wife lol.Going to try and do more blogging. By the way welcome to facebook Annette LOL.

Dennis made a comment about me being back to blogging which I never really left I just didn't have anything to put on here. It wasn't till Mike said something about seeing my blog about nothing he's thinking of getting back into blogging. I do check his blog now and then but that's about the only one. It's funny because I think I don't have anything to blog about then I sit down and start typing and stuff just keeps popping in my head. Hmmmmm doesn't seem to be working today. Must be because I'm so freaking tired. Working 3 jobs is starting to get to me. I'm lucky if I get 3 or 4 hours of sleep a day. Except for weekends I sleep pretty good at night but I hate sleeping in because I don't want to miss anything especially since the weather has been so good! Today its a little overcast but they called for 25C again.

This weekend (Saturday) Patty and I are going to visit Adam and Mary. I'm going to try and take some nice pregnancy photos. No not the act of getting someone pregnant cause they are already 8 months past that. Just some nice pictures of the happy expecting couple and the big baby bump in Mary's belly. Auntie Irene was so ticked that Mary is still tiny and has no stretch marks that she said to Mary I hope your Uterus falls out. Thats the Auntie Irene we all know and love LOL. Mary was a bit shocked cause she has met Auntie Irene only a couple times (lucky girl) so hasn't gotten to see all the nuances that Auntie has to share with every one.

Looking forward to our new Sealy posterpedic bed which is arriving tomorrow. We have the new bed frame set up in the spare room which used to be our room before Aunt Claire moved in but now that shes gone it will be ours again. Patty really likes change and she always asks me what I think before she does something but as long as she likes it I'm going to like it. It's not as big as a deal to me. All I know is that where ever our bed ends up and as long as Patty is sleeping in it then I will soon follow.

Looking forward to our Vancouver trip in two weekends. Patty and I are going to go to Vancouver early Saturday the 27th and walk around the downtown area after finding a room to stay in. Then shes going to relax in our room looking at her Ikea catalogue dreaming about our shopping trip there on Sunday while I'm at the football game. I'm hoping I can borrow a good lens to use but since the Raiders are playing that day both ppl I know with a 2.8 lens will be using them. Sunday we are going to try and meet up with Jodi and her new beau and/or maybe her kids and Joan. Its been over 2 years since I've seen them.

Oh yeah I knew I had something else I wanted to mention...

Our cousin Kevin has a son Corey who has just turned professional and will have his first fight in Nanaimo in October. Going to try and get a photo pass but if not me and the family will probably go watch it any ways. Wishing him good luck !!!!


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