Wednesday, February 18, 2009

medical update

More than a week ago I went for my CT scan. I got a call from the Dr office to go there Friday. Then on Wednesday I was asked if I could baby sit Gwen for a couple hours all by myself and I quickly called the Dr office and changed my appointment. Patty asked me if they had wanted me in urgently and I told her no they never said that so she was thinking that my CT scan must have been good. I told her either that or it was too late for me and was no longer urgent but if I had the CT scan a month ago it would have been urgent. Now most of you may not find that funny but I said right from the start that you have to deal with whatever comes along so might as well do it with humor. Well I went to see the Dr yesterday and they are 90% sure its nothing. It is a 10 cm yes I said TEN cm in diameter tumor that has attached to my abdominal wall. It has not protruded through it which is a good thing. The Dr asked me how long I have had this and I said you tell me you saw it first. She is making me an appointment with a surgeon and it may take a couple weeks. Then we will go from there. I've been showing everyone my lump telling them I'm pregnant with an alien baby. I'm thinking of adopting it out but I may decide to keep it if patty says its ok. Patty is pretty dissapointed that I cheated on her with the the alien and never confessed. I guess its too late to cry rape. I never planned on being abducted but I never avoided it either. To be honest I don't remember much so I'm assuming they put me out and implanted it. All I know is I pooped green for a week and a half. Well that's all for now till I find out what the surgeon wants to do.


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