Friday, March 27, 2009

Well I was very tired 2 hours ago but after a couple games of hockey on the xbox 360 I started getting an upset stomach. I went upstairs and Patty was already sleeping and the tv was turned off so I went on my computer. Checking out old bookmarks and deleting ones that no longer exist or are not updated. I went on the Canucks web site and saw that they won tonight. Its about time!! If they had won last nights game which was supposed to be a gimme theyd be in 3rd place in front of Calgary. Then I went onto the BC Lions web site and found this Roster and there at the top is Andrew Harris' name. I truly am a huge fan of his and I hope he does well. I still want to go over for the Lions spring camp and watch him try out.

Well one week and 2 days till surgery. Cant wait to get it over with. Although I will miss it cause like tonight when Patty threw the remote at me hitting me in the stomach .... ok she tossed it to me and I let it bounce of my stomach (didn't the first way sound better?) I said hey watch the tumor!! Same as when Ben and I horse around although we don't cause Patty doesn't allow it but if we did I say hey watch the tumor!! Well its getting a little old anyways so now I'll have the stitches to say hey watch my stitches. That should work for a few days.

Well tomorrow (Saturday) we are going to Aunt Gladys' 90th birthday celebration. Looking forward to getting together with the family out here. Ben has a friend over so hes staying home. I told him if he didn't behave I'd make him and his friend come along and they'd have to dance with Aunt Gladys' friends! Haven't heard a peep from them all night. Well Patty was just up to get some milk for her heartburn so I'm going to head in and snuggle with her. Was on Twitter ... I mean Facebook for a second today and boy am I not liking that. I'm thinking I'll just add a link to my blog on there and say if you want to know what I'm up to check out my blog!


At Monday, March 30, 2009 6:13:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin,

This weekend I read a letter that my mom recently received from Aunt Glad. At the end of the letter Aunt Gladys mentions Casey and his wife will be at the party. We all commented on how long it has been since we’ve heard you called Casey. Say hi to everyone at the party for me and good luck next week with the liposuction.



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