Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eve of operation

Well its going on 11:30 on the eve of my operation. I just finished a rollo McFlurry and will need to get a drink and brush my teeth as I'm not allowed anything after midnight. I have to be at the hospital at 11:20 and knowing Patty we will be early. Aunty Irene called to check on me and said she would be checking to make sure that Patty takes very good care of me. She told me that if Patty didn't then she would allow me to divorce Patty. I've informed Patty of this on more than one occasion to make sure she is aware. When I mentioned tonight that I will be needing ice cream Patty said that it was only for tonsils and such. I told her not to worry about it I will tell Aunty Irene I need ice cream and she will take care of it for me. Patty then had a change of heart and said that she would love to get me some ice cream. All of my in laws are coming to the island this week to see me and make sure I'm doing ok. My favorite sister in law called and asked me if I would mind them coming to visit and I said I'd love it. Mama and Papasitta and Natalie and Peter will all be coming by just for me.

Ok enough of that any one see the Canucks game tonight? Again they played well and got very lucky which any team that wants to win has to have some luck on their side. When I got home for lunch it was in the second period and we were losing 1 - 0. I grabbed my new jersey that I wear every game put it on and by the time my butt hit the seat the Canucks scored a goal. Patty said see they were just waiting for you to get home and put it on. The last game same thing I got home in the first period and nothing so Al and I ran and got our jersey's for the start of the second and the Canucks scored and won that game. Tuesday I will have my jersey on before the game gets underway believe me!! Even if I need to call people in to help me get it on!

Well thats all for now its getting closer to midnight. Will write in a few days with the good news....That the Canucks have made it to round 2 of course!!!!


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