Friday, May 08, 2009

Went to the Dr's the other day and he said everything looks good. They sent it away and its all clear. He said that it was just a big lump of fat and not just the normal type that most ppl get liposuction for an actual growth of fat. Then on the way home I got lunch and went home and ate it. It was a good healthy chicken wrap and home made soup. mmmmmm tasted so good until an hour later when it all came back up. Well not all of it cause a bit more came up a half hour after the first part had. Was afraid to eat the rest of the day but had a milkshake for supper and it stayed down. Not sure why could have been the flu but the cold I have must have hid the flu symptoms. Feeling a bit better today.

Going to see some live MMA fighting tonight. Shooting for the local paper in Nanaimo again. I don't get paid but I get a 200 dollar ringside seat and a photo I take goes in the paper with my name under it. That's pretty cool. Going to take one more week off work even tho I can't afford it. Want to be close to 100% when I go back. This weekend we have a bbq at Aunty's and Uncles Saturday then we are going out with Adam, Mary, Gwen and Mary's family for brunch on Sunday. Hope the Canucks play better Saturday. They played better than Chicago thursday night but got lazy and tried to sit on a 1 goal lead. Chicago got a goal in the final 3 minutes to tie then won in overtime! Was not happy about that!

Sorry it took so long to update Annette!


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